Will 10 Minutes at Lube-It Really Save My Car?


Cars are expensive. Next to your food and rent, your payment for your wheels is probably the biggest item on your monthly list. So, it’s totally understandable that you might be looking for ways to lower maintenance costs.  However, when you skip that 10-minute oil change at your local Lube-It shop, you aren’t really saving a few dollars. You are shortening the lifespan of your personal transportation.

What Does Oil Do?

Oil serves as a needed lubricant in your engine that allows all the metal moving parts to resist damage during the normal operation of your car. The pistons ride up and down inside the cylinder, Your cam-shaft spins. The connecting rod pushes the piston.  All of this happens thousands of times a minute. Just imagine rubbing two pennies together non-stop.  They will get hot and eventually start sticking together–that’s what your engine would do without oil.

Do I Really Need an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles?

Okay, but if the oil is inside a sealed compartment, why does it need to get changed? Because the oil breaks down after repeated uses and to maintain good protection for that engine you need to switch it out with fresh oil.  But what about that 3,000-mile requirement? While older vehicles often were delivered to new car lots with a manufacturer recommendation of oil changes every 3k, newer models often suggest longer intervals as both engine construction and oil formulation has improved.  However, if your car has high miles on it, that 3,000-mile mark is still a good idea.  Besides, it only takes 10 minutes to swing by Lube-It, and your car is protected for another few months.

What Happens if I Skip an Oil Change?

Okay, so if you run past the recommended distance between oil changes your car isn’t going to up and stop working tomorrow morning.  But the oil inside your engine doesn’t stop deteriorating, either. The longer you wait, the more particles of metal are collected in the oil and can start causing pitting inside your engine. It is a cumulative effect.  The filter can fail, which will then stop catching any flakes of metal, letting it create more havoc.  In short, the longer you wait to visit Lube-It, the sooner your engine will actually fail.

Just think, instead of driving your car for the next 10 years, by failing to change out your oil and filters on a regular basis, your engine could stop turning over in just 5 years.  Now, multiply the cost of 5 years of oil changes versus the expense of a brand new car.  Yep, a 10-minute oil change can actually save your car and your wallet.


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