Which Self-Storage Facility Should Businesses Choose in London?


One of the most challenging tasks businesses in London have to try and maintain is storage. Across London there are so many businesses, it is difficult to even put a figure on how many there actually are.

Finding business storage in London can be a challenge in itself but the best way forward is to look no further than City Store in Camden. Located on Malden Crescent, this self-storage facility is ideal for businesses to place all those goods that needs a safe and secure home while traders and companies look for somewhere to hold their belongings.

Businesses in London can enjoy unlimited access to its storage during long opening hours for no fee. There is a PIN code system allowing traders and businesses to come and go as they please.

The self-storage centre is safe and secure and covered by 24 hour CCTV. Traders that store heavier and bulkier goods can make use of trolley or pallet trucks to move their stock and supplies easily into a vehicle.

The dynamic process of the City Store Self-Storage centre is that traders and businesses can move storage rooms for free. Let us say you have a storage room full to the brim with goods and you require some extra space – the self-storage centre will transfer the goods to a larger lock up and assist the client in the process.

The keys to the storage room are held by the client storing equipment. This means only staff members and people authorised to access storage can do so.

The location of the City Store Self-Storage facility in Camden is ideal for the market traders. The depot is just a two minute walk from The Stables and around 8 minutes from the bustling Camden Market.

Many of the traders here will make use of sending excess stock to the self-storage depot in Camden. Also, traders that only spend a part of the year using one of the many stalls to hold stock, make good use of the self-storage facilities here.

There are many benefits that businesses in London can really benefit from by using City Store in Camden: small local retailers, market traders, office-based businesses and start-up companies can all see a cost-effective and secure way to store goods here.

The facility is also beneficial to sales reps who cover the London area and use it to store promotional material.

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