What You Need to Know About Line Striping


A parking lot striping project has many steps to complete before the parking area is ready for visitors. Detailed engineering and layouts are done on the lot, especially for new construction. Once the layout is ready, the painted stripes and markings are applied. Finally, the striping company adds details like signs, specialized markings, and sign posts. The result is a parking lot that moves traffic smoothly in and out of the area while providing safe parking for visitor vehicles.

Many businesses wonder about the expense involved in a parking lot striping project. Just as in the planning and execution of project itself, many aspects go into the costs associated with these line striping and marking projects. In this guide, average costs of parking lot striping and marking will be reviewed, based on national surveys of professional lot striping companies.

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Factors that Determine Average Pricing of Parking Lot Striping

The first aspect in average costs of parking lot striping projects is known as the “mobilization fee”. Most professional striping companies have minimum fees associated with undertaking a project; this fee ranges from $300 to $500, based on national averages. The mobilization fee is designed to cover overhead expenses such as fuel, equipment costs, labor, and materials. Obviously, the smaller the project, the lower the average mobilization fee.

This flat expense is also designed to cover any corrective actions that need to be addressed before the project is considered complete. Professional line striping companies work to ensure that the job meets all codes and guidelines, but sometimes a pavement marking isn’t quite perfect. For example, urgent needs, such as a code citation for a missing or incorrect marking that needs to be redone, are often covered under the mobilization fee.

Breaking Down Individual Striping and Marking Average Costs

Individual fees for elements of parking lot striping and marking vary, depending on region, complexity, and specialized requirements based on local codes or engineering specifications. In general, though, these individual fees are represented well by national averages. Some of the costs include:

  • Single-line parking spaces average $4 to $5 per space
  • Directional arrows average $10-20
  • 4” lines, such as for loading zones or emergency access, average about $.030 per linear foot
  • Stenciling per letter (24” high letters) averages $2 to $4
  • Stenciling for smaller letters (12” high) averages $1.50 to $3.50 per letter
  • Crosswalks average $35-75, depending on color and width
  • Handicap spaces, including blue box markings and stenciled symbols average $25-35 per space

Cost averages are also influenced by the type of project. For new construction, lines and markings may need additional coats of paint, driving the costs per element higher. Restriping projects, such as a refresh of an older parking lot, tend to range on the lower side of the average.

Regardless of project type or size, a professional parking lot striping company can guide customers through the process. Parking lot striping is not inexpensive, but for a truly professional job, the expense is worth it. A well-marked parking lot is safer for site visitors, and quality line striping and marking helps to ensure smooth traffic flow into and out of the lot.

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