What is a heat press Machine and how can it help you?

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You all know that a press is a printing machine and they print what you want to print on any underlying substance. The heat print also does the same. It imprints the design or graphic on a substrate of your choice with heat and pressure on which it is stamped, for example, cup, cap, jigsaw puzzles, plates, mugs, and many other products.

Heat presses are available on the manual and automatic basis. There is a new semi-automatic mode which entered the market recently, which is an electromagnetic and automatic printing system. The digital technology has made the heating and pressure process more precise recently too.

How do you use a heat press machine?

Heat press machine is an alternative to screen printing, but if you ask about the longevity, screen printing still plays a major role. But if you think of regular customers’ point of view, looking at the printing they won’t be able to differentiate which is printed on screen print or the one on heat press. Also, when you are thinking of t-shirt printing, the heat press machine makes it possible to print whatever you want to print on your t-shirt, whereas it’s kind of challenging to do the same with screen-printing. The main substitute is that you can use heat press for a very less quantity to be printed on your t-shirt, maybe it is only one t-shirt, but on a screen printing you have to print large quantities to print a single print, else it is going to be too expensive.

How to use heat machine?

The first thing you should know that you can use a heated print for small jobs or for your home use only. They are affordable, and you can stay in your fashion.

The professional heat press machines are made for bulk orders; they have a big platen for large garments. The professional machines come with sophisticated time, pressure and temperature setting.

But for whatever purpose you are using a heat press machine, professional or home use, they are all operated almost the same way.

  • Flipping the on/off switch gets the machine started.
  • Wait until the red heating light is on after turning the knob.
  • If thermometer shows temperature you wanted for your transfer, do turn the heating knob off.
  • If you have a digital machine, turn the timer on, and it will alarm you when it is heated.
  • Lift up the handle to open the press.
  • You should ensure that the handle is firmly on the place.
  • Now after the transfer lift the handle.
  • Take off the transfer paper from the t-shirt.
  • Wait for at least 24-hours till you wash the t-shirt.

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