What Does The Third Party Car Insurance Usually Cover?


If you are planning to buy a new car insurance cover, you should be aware that there are two primary types of motor insurance – third party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Third party is the more popular form of car insurance for several reasons. In this article we speak the third party cover in detail. Take a look and get answers to all your queries regarding this very handy form of car insurance.

Things you need to know about third party car insurance

Let us begin by taking a look at the covers offered under a standard third party car insurance policy:


  • Death or injury of third party: If, due to an accident caused by your car, a third party person dies or is injured, the insurance provider will compensate them on your behalf. The compensation will also be paid for the total or partial disability of the third party in the accident.
  • Damage of property of third party: If your car hits a third party vehicle or bangs into any other property, your insurer will pay the claim on your behalf.
  • Legal expenses: At times, a third party takes you to court over some disagreements stemming from a road mishap. Legal costs are very high, but a third party car insurance plan reimburses your legal bills and makes it easy for you to fight the court case.
  • Personal accident cover: If you are killed in an accident, a sum assured is paid to your beneficiaries. The same holds true if you are permanently or temporarily disabled after the accident.

These are the common covers that you get with a good third part car insurance policy from a reliable general insurance provider. There are however some exclusions in such a cover too:


  • Own vehicle: There is no provision for the damages to your own car under a third party cover. So if your car gets banged, dented, stolen or even completely ruined in a fire, flood or other disaster you won’t get any compensation from your motor insurance provider.
  • Own injuries: You don’t get a medical cover for the injuries you, as the policyholder, suffer in an accident. This cover is only available to a third party.

Keep these exclusions in mind when you select a third party car insurance plan for your vehicle.

Third party car insurance policies at low prices

Thankfully, the car insurance industry in India is booming. As a result, you find many top general insurance companies offering excellent third party covers. The internet has made matters even simpler as you can find all the plans and all their details online quite easily. All you have to do is run some basic research, compare the plans on insurance aggregator website like Coverfox.com and viola! The best third party car insurance plan will be in your possession in no time.

Take a look at this guide to see how exactly you can locate the ideal car plan for yourself:

  • Analyse your own requirements: First and foremost, it is very important for you to analyse your own requirements. You have to go through the policy wordings and ensure that a third party car insurance cover is what you need. Proceed with the idea of buying such a cover only after you are convinced the plan would benefit you to the highest level.
  • Do your research: Do some research and see which insurance provider is good. You must choose not just a good motor insurance plan, but an equally good motor insurance provider as well.
  • Compare the options: There is no alternative to comparing car insurance. You can only find the best third party car insurance plan at the best rate when you compare the different options.
  • Purchase online: Try to make the purchase online, as the online car insurance plans are always cheaper than their offline counterparts.

In a nutshell

To put it in a nutshell, it is a great option to buy a third party car insurance cover, provided you do your research and find the best plan. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind and you will be able to locate the most appropriate car insurance cover in no time. The digital world has made it very simple to buy insurance. Make use of this benefit to identify and purchase the best possible third party car insurance policy in a quick, convenient and hassle free manner.

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