Ways to get creative with your printer


Once you order a printer, there are so many things you can do with it. We all know the traditional usage of printing images, but what more? Here, we will give you creative ideas to make good use of your printer once you refill ink from needink.com.

  • Fabric designs

You can scan textile and other objects that you have around the house for designs. These can includes flowers, leaves, coins, decoration, cards, and more. You need to scan the 3D objects and design them with software. Once they are done, you can print them out to make a complete different use of those images. For example, decorate your interior, decorate a book, and more.

  • Make a lunch bag

You can get creative with the lunch sacks that you carry to work or you give your children for tiffin. Since these are made of paper, these can be printed on your printer. You simply need to make sure that you have that quality of paper you need for your lunch sack. Create designs and print them, and then shape them out with the help of origami. You can now print your own name or your child’s name!

  • Make an eye pillow design

Get an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of textile scanned or use downloaded images. Fold the cloth half lengthwise and make sure the design faces inward. Leave 2 inches open and stitch to close it. Turn the pillow right side out. For best use add flax seeds and dried lavender to it. Close the stitch and you will feel the comfort.

  • Make that big frame

You might need printers for school or work, but there’s no harm in spending some ink on home décor. If you have always wanted to have your picture hung on wall, it is time to get it done. Buy a big frame and design your artwork. Fill it with pictures by making collages and start printing them one by one. Match up the size and create the prints accordingly. Fit in the pictures in your frame and hang it up.

  • Print board games

You don’t need to by board games when you have a printer to do it. Simply print the ones you like and use them as the board. It helps you save money, time, and gives you similar utility.

  • Personalize paper napkins

It is easy to use your printer to create paper napkins with your designs or names. You can customize a design for an event you host in your house or office. These come to great use and give a personalized touch.

Even the basic ink printers can help you get more creative than you had thought. You just need to find the right ideas and know how to go about it. Have patience through the trials, as just like any other art, you can go wrong here as well. However, once you find your way, you’ll be happy with what you have created.

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