Using Social Media to Drive Traffic – A Beginners Guide for B2B Companies


So although people and businesses all over the world are realising each and every day that they must be on social media in order to succeed and connect with others in the greatest ways, it has recently become apparent that this is something in which many B2B companies still stink at. This is something that needs to be changed as soon as possible, as in today’s social media-saturated environments; those that are not utilising social media in the most beneficial ways are missing out enormously.

For this reason today we are going to be looking at some of the ways in which B2B companies can adopt social media and use it effectively to enhance their marketing and advertising efforts. If you are a B2B marketing company, or are simply just interested, keep on reading…

Social Media Tips fir B2B Companies

It’s all about the angle– Although B2B companies may take pride in how professional they are – they should not make this make them sound boring when using social media. Every B2B company must develop a unique strategy in which is both understand and appealing, not only to their exact customers but also a slightly broader audience. Business owners should sit down and write a list of what their customers may also be interested in so that they can provide more engaging posts. Business owners should always look at what their competitors are doing to see what is working and what isn’t.

Feature real people – One of the main reason for companies failing on social media is lack of a genuine human presences. Customers like to see that there are actual people behind the brands that they love and therefore companies should avoid speaking and acting like robots. A few tips for making social profiles more human include:

  • Using a first person voice
  • Using a brand front person to tweet and post updates
  • Using real people with their names in customer service
  • Initiating engagement and outreach from a real person

Hire someone better – It really does go without saying that many companies do not have the time to ensure that their social media pages are constantly fresh and engaging, this is why it can in most cases be a great idea to hire professional such as Agency Inc. There are many companies now able to develop and put in place highly beneficial social media strategies, it is all about companies finding the best companies for their individual needs and requirements.

Back social media marketing with content marketing – Companies cannot succeed on social media without also putting effort into their content marketing. Social and content go together hand in hand. Companies should strive to share interesting and informative content on their pages regularly, whether it is content of their own, or of someone they admire.

Don’t forget LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social media platform that many people forget about, however it is a platform that B2B companies simply can’t afford to miss. This is because LinkedIn is effective at securing leads. LinkedIn is devoid from issues such as “relationship status” and favourite “tv shows” unlike Facebook and Twitter and is much more focused on B2B exchanges.

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