Understanding how Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Works in a Court of Law


People wind up in courts of law for crimes against society as a whole. But they don’t always arrive there out of malicious intent. For these people, they’re not working with normal perceptions of how the world works. They may not have the capacity, grew up in an environment where they didn’t receive the care they needed, or suffer from a mental disorder. And these issues may not appear obvious to the jury that’s put in place to judge their actions against the laws as written. This is where FPA Med comes in with experts who have the training and experience to explain a condition or disorder to a jury.

When someone with a mental disorder commits a crime, they may not be capable of processing the seriousness of their actions. Or they are capable of understanding but act out from an emotional aspect. Then there are those who are fully cognizant of what they did and have no remorse for their actions. All of these presentations do not deserve to penalized in the same manner. 

Juries who have the duty of judging someone’s actions against the law aren’t trained to understand the motivations behind those actions. Putting a forensic expert from FPA Med on the stand can give juries and even judges the understanding and insight they need to make a well-informed decision as to what punishment fits the crime. 

A forensic psychiatrist or psychologist takes on the job of examining the evidence, reading through the notes from all involved, watching videos, and even interviewing the defendant and people who are relevant to the case. Once the expert receives all the necessary information, they write a conclusion based on everything they’ve received. That information is then presented to the jury in language that’s understandable and insightful. The information is used to shape the jury’s understanding of the motivations of the accused and if they truly deserve the full punishment as allowed by law or to be given a lesser punishment that’s in line with the diminished capacity of the accused.

The jury has a duty to take that information into consideration during their deliberations which is why testimony from an FPA Med expert has weight. Quality testimony from a forensic expert has the potential to impact a jury in a way that may create an outcome that’s more favorable to the accused. 

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