Surprising Ways We Can Use Technology in Our Everyday Lives


Where would we be without technology? We have come to rely on it so heavily that we never leave our homes without our cell phones, we always make sure that we are connected to the best internet available, and we are connected to everything that we are interested in 24/7.

Technology has become a staple in our lives and will only become more sophisticated with time. If you are still not a techy or convinced that technology reigns our everyday lives, take a look at the surprising things we can do with technology by CarSite.

Automation:  Do you remember watching a movie where the owner of the house walks in, claps their hands twice and the lights and music turns on. Well, that is no longer just possible in the movies thanks to IFTTT or If This Then That a free web-based service that lets you automate tasks. IFTTT lets you connect internet-abled services with devices. You could program all of your lights to go on at a certain time or every time your garage door opens you receive an email alerting the action. Having a smart home has never been easier!

Wearable Tech: From fitness gadgets to apps that can be downloaded on our phones that give us information about our health, technology lets us take control of our health. This type of technology can tell us what our heart rate is, how many calories we have burned throughout the day, how many steps we’ve taken, and how many minutes you are active. This information is useful if you are interested in improving your health, finding areas for improvement, and setting goals.

Make Money: We’ve all heard about how people have made money using social media such as YouTube or selling products via Amazon, but did you know that by selling services that people use every day you can also make an interesting income? ACN Inc. is an organization that lets you do just that. You sign on as an independent business owner (IBO) and resell products and services such as landline, internet, wireless, satellite TV among others to customers looking for a good deal. You sell services from companies such as AT&T and CenturyLink so ACN cannot scam people because they work with trusted service providers.

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Improve our sleep: There are many gadgets out there that have the ability to analyze our sleep patterns and give us details to help us improve the quality of sleep that we get. Sleep is vital to keep our body and mind healthy so if we know when we have a problem, we can intervene and hopefully make it better. There are respiration sensors like 2breathe and apps like Pillow that can help you get a good night sleep.

Keep You Hydrated: A large percentage of our body is made of water so it is important to maintain our body hydrated to make sure that we function properly. There are now smart water bottles that keep track of how much water you’ve ingested and reminds you when you should drink some more. Bottles such as the Hidratespark can also connect with your smartphone and fitness trackers.

Learn a Language: When you are trying to learn a new language it becomes quite difficult if you are not actually living in a country where the desired language is spoken. And let’s be honest, knowing two, three or more languages is definitely a plus in this interconnected world that we live in.

There are many apps that you can download on your phone to learn a new language but doing simple things such as changing the settings on your technology to another language and if you are feeling brave enough, changing the language on your GPS can give you excellent practice. By having to listen to simple instructions and acting upon them, you are more likely to learn faster and improve your listening skills, and finger crossed that you reach your destination!

So many things that you can do with technology and this is just a tiny list of things that you can accomplish. Who knows what they’ll come up with next!

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