Social Media Marketing in 2018 – How Brands Should Do It


2018 was definitely a big year for social media as more and more organizations have turned to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to learn from as well as engage with the customers. As 2019 enters, it is important to look back at the previous year to find out what worked on social media and what did not. It is also important to think of the present year—the major trends that will persist, the new ones that will arise and how social marketers can make the most of the changing landscape.

There are important things that social marketers should bear in mind to succeed in 2017 and that include social media articles 20174. Smart marketing is vital in social media. Recent trends have compelled brands to compete for the attention of consumers. Audience behavior is divided, the professional and personal aspects of people are merging and there is a huge shift on the way customers are making buying decisions.

In order to address these transformations, brands should understand first their audience. Even if they are capable of pulling any kind of customer data, most brands still fail to uncover the insights of meaningful audience. Using customer data allows brands to find out the preference of the audience and effectively engage them.

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Additionally, increasingly marketing should come from a place of helping instead of selling. More and more brands would continue to focus on social media articles 2014 that is useful rather than those that are solely promotional.

Tons of actions are taking place every minute on social networks which present both a challenge as well as an opportunity. The challenge lies in the analysis and development of meaningful insights from the data in order to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and strengthen relationships with customers. Whether it is individual, mid or high level data, information from campaigns, social media sites or other customer interactions can give brands with the data needed to accomplish goals.

Brands are expected to have social analytics team in place in order for them to engage and monitor the audience that they are trying to reach on social media platforms most especially because community managers won’t be able to fight this battle on their own.

Real time and relevant marketing is also hot this year. It is very important to remember that more content is not the key. It is the relevance of the content that really counts. To wait for the moment, act in the moment and anticipate the moment means driving traffic, engaging and high quality leads. It could also mean having your team anticipate the topics your customers will talk about and have content ready for them when needed. Moreover, brands would not only stay on top of the topics trends but determine also the devices to optimize the campaigns for, what the users will enjoy next and what the effective call to action should be. Brands should educate themselves on how to produce content that will not only attract people, but also holds their interest longer.

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