Renault Kwid vs Maruti Alto 800: Which is better?


When it comes to the small car category, Maruti is far ahead than any of the car makers in the Indian market. In fact, out of every three cars sold in the country, two belongs to Maruti. It’s very tough to challenge Maruti in the hatchback segment. And with Maruti Alto 800, one of the most affordable mini cars, the company has gone strength to strength in terms of sales.

However, with Renault Kwid, the French car maker has got its contender in this popular segment in the domestic market. The Kwid offers a radical look and design, which is completely unheard in the entry-level hatchback segment. Although the car is priced affordably, it offers a great amount of comfort along with a bunch of features. Renault Kwid on road price starts from Rs 2.62 lakh and goes up to Rs 4.56 lakh for the top-end variant.

So let’s get into the detailed comparison of both the cars and find out which one emerges to be the ultimate winner of the hatchback segment.

Engine, Mileage and Transmission

In the engine department, practically, both the cars are featured with the similar motor and power figures. The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 and the entry-level Renault Kwid come with a 0.8-litre, 3-cylinders, DOHC (double overhead Cam) motors breathing through four valves available in each of the cylinders. Kwid has the maximum output of 53 bhp at 5,678 revolutions per minute and a peak torque of 72 Nm at 4,386 rpm, while the Alto pushes out slightly lower 48 bhp at 4,000 rpm and 69 Nm at 3,500 rpm. Also, the Kwid has got a low kerb-weight that gives an additional advantage to the car.

Both the engines are designed keeping the fuel-efficiency in mind. Renault KWID claims to offers an average mileage of 22.89Kmpl on the city roads, while 25.17Kmpl on the highways. On the other hand, the Alto 800 promises to deliver a mileage figure of 22.74 km in a litre.

Both the hatchbackscome with a five-speed manual transmission system that helps to channelise the power to the front wheels. In terms of breaking, both cars have powerful disc brakes and drum brakes for the front and rear wheels respectively.

Style and Design


Renault Kwid has a strong hold over the Alto in terms of looks and design. The car’s biggest USP is its muscular body that gives a feel of SUV. Squared haunches, body cladding and broad shoulders make the hatchback look like the younger sibling of Duster. The overall design of the car has actually connected a chord with the customers and this is the main reason that Kwid continues to attract many of the young customers.

On the other hand, the Maruti Alto comes with a contemporary design. The bland rear, unanimated profile and the small headlamps are good enough for a car of this size but don’toffer any extraordinary feature to the customers. But, on a practical note, Maruti Alto still has a lot to offer that includes short overhangs and city-friendly dimensions.

Getting inside of both the cars, none succeeds to arouse any contemporary feel. Although Renault Kwid features a touchscreen infotainment system, it fails to amaze on the other fronts. While the Alto doesn’t even have the touchscreen infotainment system. Overall, Kwid is comparatively better in terms of space and equipment.

Renault Kwid or Maruti Alto 800: Which one to buy?

Both the cars, Renault Kwid and Maruti Alto 800, are priced similarly, but the Kwid rises to the occasion and betters off the Alto in almost all of the aspects of comparison. Alto may be better on the mileage figures, the Kwid doesn’t fall much behind either. In fact, the Kwid offers modern interiors, spacious cabin and SUV styling.

Overall, if you are enamoured by the Maruti brand, go for the Alto, otherwise, the Kwid offers more. For your better understanding, you can compare the specifications of these two cars at

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