PROmotion Marketing LLC – The One Stop Shop for Custom Business Swag and Promotional Branded Products


Promotional Marketing LLC is a product branding company that allows businesses to brand product items like shirts, hats, totes, thumb drives, bags, sunglasses, and millions of other company product swag.

Why Promotional Marketing Matters

No matter what company and industry you’re in, promotional products are still considered an essential part of the marketing mix. In fact, over eighty-nine percent of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years. With eighty-five percent of promotional products recipients doing business with the company giving the promotional product!

What Makes PROmotion Marketing LLC Different

Most promotion marketing companies can be expensive, outsourced, and lack any real form of customer service. There are quite a few things PROmotion Marketing LLC does differently in that regard. For starters, our PROmotion Marketing LLC is a completely hands on company from start to finish. You’ll get assigned a personal rep who will provide digital samples before every order to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Each rep will also provide you with various options and styles for the product(s) you are looking to brand. Another thing that separatesPROmotion Marketing LLC, is the quality merchandise you can purchase, and literally millions of products you can choose from. PROmotion Marketing LLC also provides exclusive bulk discounts you won’t find anywhere else with fast shipping!

How Our Products Let You Stand Out From Your Competition

PROmotion Marketing LLC is constantly getting an influx of hot new products for your company to brand. From fidget spinners to smart phone chargers, our inventory is constantly changing. Products that are new and relevant will ensure your branded products stand out in the market place and give you the ultimate ROI.

How To Order Custom Company Products

The process is simple, you can either shop various options directly on our shopping website, or you can call us at 1 (727) 626-2700 to start speaking with a specialized rep. No matter what you’re looking for, PROmotion Marketing LLC has it! Affordable custom product branding – Where the PROs go for branding!

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