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It often happens that when we are doing online shopping, after selecting the producting and adding it your cart, you suddenly realize that the retailer doesn’t provide shipment services in your country and then comes the “disappointement” part. But, from now on, whenever you shop online from any retailer from the United States of America (USA), you need not worry about the shipment service. We, at “Planet Express”, take care of your such needs so that you can shop online from the retailers of US without worrying about the package delivery service.

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“Planet Express” is a US based package forwarding service that provides you with package delivery services all over the world. You can shop anywhere in US online and leave the package to delivered to us. We receive the package on your behalf and then deliver you the product to anywhere in the world. We provide very affordable pricing. You can save atleast 50% on the shipping of your products because we provide additional discount due to negotiated lower rates due to high volume of shipments.

If you are buying products from various online stores in US and want them all to deliovered to, we provide consolidation service all well. You just need to have all the goods delivered to us, we do the consolidation of the goods for you and deliver your package to any place in the world. Consolidation of products is the great way of reducig the shipment pricing. Each package includes a lot of empty space and consolidation leads to the removal of such unwanted or extra packaging material and extra space which ultimately reduces the postage cost.

At “Planet Expresss”, we provide photos of the content as well if you request so that you can make sure that the retailer has delivered us the correct product.  Contact us for fast, easy, transparent and reliable shipment of your products.

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