Is Location the Most Important Factor to Consider when Purchasing a Commercial Property?



When considering purchasing a commercial property for sale, there are a number of things to take into account – its location being one of the most crucial. Whilst the condition of the property, your budget and modification limitations are all things to bear in mind, the location deserves plenty of thought and research.

Choose your area wisely

Depending on the nature of your business, the area of choice will vary. If you run a retail business or a restaurant, you’ll need to research areas with a high footfall of shoppers as well as being easily accessible. You’ll need to research the area generally. Are there stores or properties that are standing empty or are in bad condition? If so, it may be worth looking elsewhere. Make sure you check the surrounding land and its condition. Consider if the property has adequate parking for your customers and employees. Whilst this may be a small point, customers who have to spend time finding a car parking space may be put off and decide not to return.

Employee considerations

There are also employees to consider. Finding a premise that has good transport links is important to retain and attract new members of staff. This could be in the form of a railway, motorway or bus links. Similarly, it’s also worth noting that if you operate quite a technical business, it may be more difficult to source the right staff in a small or rural area. Likewise, you should consider the distance between suppliers and end users.

Do your research

It’s also important to look to the future when purchasing a commercial property. You may decide that you want to sell and move elsewhere. In this instance, a property in a better location will be more likely to sell for a higher price, giving you more profit. Before committing to purchasing a property in a certain area, see if there are any upcoming major projects or investments that may have a great impact on your business. This may give you more custom so make sure you find out everything you need before making a major decision.


Whilst there are a number of important decisions to be made before making the commitment to invest in a commercial property, its location is certainly one of the most important. Make sure you do plenty of research, ask the locals for advice and guidance and take into account your own considerations. There may be an incredible commercial property for sale in a very lucrative area, but it’s important to consider the future and whether that investment and money will stay.

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