Interactive Inflatables to Spruce Up Your Summer Party


When the warmer months of spring and summer come, many people turn their attention to planning parties. Outdoor parties are a staple of summertime, and range from casual backyard get-togethers to birthday parties, events at local parks, or even large corporate festivals. Many of these summertime parties have a theme, with decorations and activities to fit within that theme.

For warm weather outdoor parties, the tropical theme is one of the most popular. Tropical decorations, refreshments, and activities really set the stage for summer, making this theme the ideal solution for hosting a party. Jungle Jumps can help with tropical-themed activities, thanks to our quality inflatable interactives. We proudly manufacture several inflatables with a tropical look and feel, making them a great choice for birthday parties to large festivals and park events.

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Interactive Inflatables by Jungle Jumps

Jungle Jumps is the industry leader when it comes to commercial-grade inflatables. We’ve been in business for many years, and have supplied our inflatable creations to thousands of satisfied customers. Every inflatable we make is manufactured in our California facility from the finest-quality materials and an attention to detail that is unrivaled in our industry. We use colorful vinyl material that is rugged and durable, maintaining its bright appearance for years to come with little or no maintenance. Then, we use exacting construction standards to ensure that our inflatable products stand the test of time. They look great and perform beyond expectations, providing youngsters with endless hours of entertainment at festivals and parties all year long.

Here are several of our most popular tropical-themed inflatable interactives:

Tropical 3 Pieces Combo:
When we set out to create a tropical-themed interactive, our designers worked overtime to develop this incredible inflatable. It features several different activities rolled into one stunning package. First, young participants enter the inflatable through two arched tunnel openings. An enclosed obstacle course awaits them. As they work their way through, between, and over the inflatable obstacles, they will discover a bounce house area for even more thrills. Inside the bounce house portion, the ramp leading to the top of the single lane slide can be found. We’ve added a tropical flavor in the form of decorative inflatable palm trees adorning the corner pillars and roofs of the obstacle course and bounce house units. Two more inflatable simulated palm trees can be found at the top of the slide. The bright green, yellow, and black vinyl fabric has additional printed details to bring this tropical beauty to life.

Jump Slide & Obstacle Combo:
The tropical theme continues with this colorful inflatable interactive, another quality inflatable product by Jungle Jumps. It stretches to an incredible 58 feet in length, making it ideal for larger summertime events. Four palm trees grace this model, which features an open-topped obstacle course, an enclosed bounce house, and an inflatable slide with an extra-wide slide lane. We’ve chosen a riot of bright colors to construct this inflatable, giving it a unique look that will capture the attention of young people of all ages. Endless hours of fun are in store on our commercial-grade inflatable interactive!

Toddler Combo:
We didn’t forget the little ones here at Jungle Jumps. By creating a fun inflatable interactive just for youngsters, many hours of fun and enjoyment can be had at backyard parties and outdoor events of all kinds. This commercial-grade inflatable features an open-topped combination of bounce house and obstacle course. Decorative inflatable characters like mushrooms, smiley faces, snails, and flowers serve as the obstacles to jump on, climb over, or scoot under. There’s even a small inflatable slide for added thrills. We’ve given this model a tropical theme with inflatable palm trees flanking the entrance to the interior play area, then added bright colors of vinyl to set this model apart from the competitors. The result is a quality inflatable product by the industry’s leader, created for lasting performance and great looks for many years to come.

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