How Pole Banners Can be a Win Win for Businesses and Communities


Light pole banners are everywhere, the parking lot at the mall, along downtown streets, college campuses, airports, virtually anywhere. Sometimes referred to as street banners, they are an attractive, colorful addition to a city scape, park or community gathering area.

Light pole banners can transform a downtown area, main road or boulevard.With the right design and vivid colors, banners fixed to light poles make a memorable impression.  They stand high offering maximum visibility to passing traffic. Making use of existing structures, there’s no need for a banner stand.  This means these signs can be easily stored and transported for re-use seasonally.Pole banners are an appealing and effective form of advertising.

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Pole banners reach a huge demographic. They are typically placed in areas of high traffic. Since they’re placed on community property, light poles, there is the added comfort that the banner message benefits the community or that the sponsor is a good community citizen.

For municipalities and event organizers with restricted budgets however, it can be difficult to justify dozens of light pole banners.  With an “adopt a banner” program, not only can it become more affordable, the banners can pay for themselves!

How an Adopt a Banner Program Works

Sponsors are given advertising space on the banner itself or on a separate banner appended below.

The benefits of a removable attachment require additional printing and materials but greater flexibility.

Taking an example of 50 printed banners and brackets we can work out the potential revenue of an adopt a banner program.

  • 50 banners (28” x 60”) and brackets – $6,350
  • Cost of installation – $2,500
  • Total outlay – $8,850

How much is the sponsorship value?

  • Potential sponsorship value of $250 per banner
  • Total revenue for 50 banners- $12,500

Potential yearly revenue

  • Income for 1st year -$3,650
  • Income for 2nd year – $12,500
  • Income for 3rd year – $12,500

Benefits all round

Using light pole banners for advertising space benefits both the sponsor and the event organizer.  It’s a positive investment for the advertiser and can help to increase funds for the organizer. Being associated with certain events or organizations is very appealing to some advertisers.

For smaller budgets, the adopt a banner scheme can generate cost-effective awareness while offsetting some of the marketing costs.

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Turn Your Banners into an Income Stream

If you have your banners up throughout the year or run a seasonal event yearly, sponsorship can be a small, extra method of income.  For community run event s and charities, sponsorship is their primary method of income.  Adopt-a-banner schemes can help such organizations to keep running, and even grow.

Once the banners have paid for themselves through a sponsorship program, repeat sponsorship starts to become ongoing profit, particularly formunicipalities who may have invested in a large number of light pole banners.

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