Establishing business in the foreign country


In the modern days, it becomes easy to set up new business in the foreign country or establish any branch of the business in the foreign country. Because of the several accounting companies there who provide the best accountant which help to operate a smooth business and take care of all legal formalities and reduce the tax burden from the owner of the business. These accountants have complete knowledge of all accounting techniques and they make arrangement of different tax returns and audits of files.

The accountant Netherlands help to implement new dutchbv company or branch in the Netherland. Invest in the market of Netherland is more beneficial for the businessmen but it require more legal formalities and daily updating of the accounts which is possible only through the professional accountants.

Many businessmen establish the branch of their business in Netherland because it is easy formation and do not need spate entity and carry the business with the same name, address and website etc.

Steps for setting up business in Netherland:

  • The very first step is to incorporate the BV Company by means of deed of incorporation with the civil law notary.
  • It is necessary that all parties should sign the deed of incorporation after its execution.
  • The company in theNetherland needs to register with the Dutch chamber of commerce with civil law notary. After this, tax numbers were issued by the tax authorities and a bank account has to be opened in the name of the BV company.

In case of Dutch branch company:

  • At first, company should be registered at the Dutch chamber of the commerce.
  • Then the tax number will be issued by the Dutch tax authorities.

The process of registration will take one to two weeks for the completion and after this the company or the branch will be liable to start their business in Netherland.

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