Donate your baby’s cord blood to help someone


When a lady is pregnant umbilical cord is thing that is considered as a lifeline between the lady and his baby.  During the pregnancy, this cord is the main source to deliver blood and nutrition to the baby. After the delivery, umbilical cord is discarded as a medical waste. But do you know that this cord can also be used in the treatment of some diseases? With the advancement in the medical science and technology it has been recognized that blood available in the umbilical cord can be used to treat many diseases.  So, if you are looking to help someone who needs this cord blood to recover deadly disease, you can donate your baby’s umbilical cord after delivery to any public cord blood banking facility.

If you want to store the cord blood for your family’s use then you can take service of private cord blood storage bank. You have to pay certain amount for the storage of your cord blood in this cord blood bank.

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 Your child can use his or her own stem cells

There are many times when children are getting their own cord blood or stem cells for the treatment. Genetic diseases and cancers treatment may require another donor’s stem cell. But it is not in all cases. However, if recent medical trial is successful then your baby’s cord blood cells can be used in his or her own treatment or therapy for cerebral palsy and many more disease.

 Use of umbilical cord in the treatment of disease

Stem cells extracted from umbilical cells are used in the treatment of cancer and bone marrow failure syndrome, metabolic disorder, blood disorder, immunodeficiencies, leukemia, lymphoma, beta thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia, multiple myeloma, plasma cell leukemia and many other diseases. So, if you are looking to donate your baby‘s cord blood for good cause you can go for cord blood registry.

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