Do You Need a Customs Broker to Ship Goods to Canada?

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For any shipment to clear the customs takes a certain set of documents that should be in line with the government legislation and regulations. It is also required that all steps needed to clear the customs should be taken at proper times and in the required order. If anything is missed or any incomplete or inaccurate information is given, then it leads to delays in shipments causing unnecessary losses.

If we talk about shipping goods specifically to Canada, there are more than 227,000 importers who deal annually with CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). Any shipment that enters the country requires these four documents.

  • Shipper’s Export Declaration
  • Canada Customs Invoice or a Commercial Invoice
  • Manifest or Cargo Control Document
  • Bill of Lading

It is possible to go ahead and deal with customs clearance on your own dealing directly with CBSA and preparing your own release and accounting documentation. Even if you hire the services of a customs broker like Clearit that specializes in clearing the goods across all ports in Canada, it is you who will ultimately be responsible for everything. This includes accounting documentation, all types of payment regarding duties and taxes, subsequent corrections if any like origin and valuation, re-determination of classification etc.

The benefit of hiring the customs broker is that they are equipped with any changes happening in the system. They also provide all information required so that clearing the customs is a smooth process.

The customs brokers in Canada are licensed by CBSA to carry out the following customs-related responsibilities on your behalf.

  • Preparing and presenting all the necessary documentation or data required
  • Paying all the applicable duties on the goods imported
  • Obtaining the release of the imported goods
  • Maintaining all the records regarding the imports
  • Responding to CBSA for any concerns that they might raise after payment

Today, the brokers are offering much more than the conventional responsibilities expected from them. They are leveraging the data available to them in helping their clients explore new markets, develop new product lines etc.

If you hire the services of a customs broker to ship goods to Canada, you not only benefit from the smooth customs clearance process that they offer, but you might also reap some additional benefits.

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