Discovery process and divorce cases


Separation of two individuals out of wedlock is a frustrating process involving many hearings, litigations, trials, court orders and what not. In these cases, in the end, there is the provision of bifurcating the property, monetary assets, belongings, physical assets of the two individuals equally among each other which becomes the main focus of the majority of court proceedings initiated under a divorce case. Discovery process starts here when the parties fail to reach a settlement, it involves information gathering and each party is ordered to come forth with all their assets and liabilities which is called inventory and appraisal.

The discovery process is the most tiresome and lengthy process in the whole suit of separation and therefore you will some efficient and dedicated lawyers to fight for you, the Thornton law firm can provide you with lawyers who are highly trained in these matters. The discovery process involves submitting of three types of documents

  1. Disclosure requests
  2. Interrogations
  3. Production of documents requests

Disclosure requests ask the parties to give all the details regarding witness and their statements, the other party’s proposition about the case. Interrogations involve simply asking of some questions and the last step is requesting the other party to submit the documents regarding the case, and this is the most complex process any divorce case as lawyers deliberately handover a plethora of useless documents to the other party and baffling as they will waste a lot of time searching for the right documents, but the lawyers at Thornton Law firm can handle these situations comfortably and efficiently. If the documents are not provided then there is the option of serving the other party with a subpoena forcing them to hand over the documents on time to continue the proceedings.

These proceedings also involve custody evaluations where an outside party is eligible to scrutinize the surroundings and behavior of each party like their neighbors, things around the house and behavior etc. presenting their results to the court which shall decide the matter according to them. The process of discovery cannot go on forever, it has to end sometime and the time limit is fixed by the court after that there can be no discovery. At pre-trial, both the parties have to decide that, do they want a jury trial or want their case to be decided by the judge? With Thornton Law firm you have the upper hand as their professionalism and skillful team will provide you with all the necessary litigation formalities.

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