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We are equipped to handle all your event planning services Atlantic City NJ needs. With our attention to detail and precise break down of the services we provide, you are never left in the dark about what, specifically, we will help you to achieve as you plan your event. We are invested in your production as much as you are, and we strive to make sure that it is as successful as possible.

For example, we work with you to create the Artist Technical Rider document. This is a description of the artist billing, how long the presentation is and what it entails, security, loading in and out, free tickets, merchandising, and transportation. Additionally, it lays out how the dressing room is set up, catering, sounds and lights, and back line. We also talk with the person at the venue in charge of production so that it is handled well.

The production manager is in charge of the artist schedule, and this involves arrival and departure times. We handle all pick-ups from hotel, airport, and venue pick-ups, as well as press interviews and appearances in stores. This means you don’t have to worry so much about how the artist will be transported and whether they will arrive at the designated venue on time. We handle that for you.

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We also create production schedules. This lays out the door times, show times, and sound checks. Everything will be ready for when the production is to start. All of the details will be smoothed out so that you can enjoy the production and the artist’s performance yourself.

Our services also include pre-settling the payment for the venue, and we include personnel like the assistant production manager, events manager, security director, stage manager, sound engineer, lighting director, stage techs, and the hospitality coordinator.

Our extensive database of venue contacts gives you plenty of choice of location and price. After you choose a venue, we work with you to create the right theme for the events, down to the smallest decoration detail. We handle, food, logistics, hosts, and more. We also coordinate a pre-event inspection so that you can be sure everything is to your satisfaction.

We are proud to be your event planning services Atlantic City NJ and to handle every detail of your event from beginning to end through a critical path document that helps ensure that every loose end is tied up and that the event goes smoothly.

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