Can Motivational Speaking Add to Your Business Productivity?


What does it take to keep productivity high? Human Resources managers have grappled with this question with some of the answers is good pay, conducive working environments, and continued training. But what about attitude? Why is it that most startups have little money but keep going with a can-do attitude? The answer is motivation.

The reason for doing what one is doing is a very powerful factor in productivity and success. Does the team believe in the business owner’s vision and mission? This is what a motivational speaker comes to explore and help find the motivation when it is lagging. Some business owners do not see how motivation ties into their profitability. But having a motivational speaker talk to your team can have a marked difference in your business productivity and profitability. Here is why.

Managing change

In a globalized business environment with constant change in technology and business operations. The keyword is efficiency. Change will always be necessary to get rid of inefficiency, but people always fear change because it takes them away from their comfort zones.  A motivational speaker can help the team manage their expectations, and adapt to change.

Good examples

It is not unexpected for people to take a motivational talk with a pinch of salt. But when it is coming from people who have skilled the heights of business or overcome great adversity to be where they are, people sit up and listen. Inviting a motivational speaker with an exceptional story sends out a personal challenge to each of the team members. If the speaker could overcome those odds, what would happen with a little bit more exertion from everyone?

Fostering teamwork

A team’s cohesiveness and cooperation are the biggest determinants of its productivity. Team members must recognize the value of their contribution to the collective effort and the importance of pulling their weight. A motivational speaker is able to renew this sense of commitment to the team effort and renew their zeal for what they do. Team members are also able to realize that their individual goals are better achieved through the collective effort.

Better work-life balance

There is much more to life other than work. A motivational speaker is able to show the team how personal care, and managing other aspects of life has a direct impact on productivity. When team members are physically and mentally fit, they are able to perform at full capacity. Taking care of their social and spiritual affairs makes them better-balanced people as well.

A motivational speaker can have a big impact on a business’ productivity. Both big and small businesses need motivational talk from time to time to realize the higher potential in their teams.

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