Bringing accuracy in the attendance system


The manual errors while preparing the pay checks of the employees by the HR department are very obvious. The error could be termed as human error but these errors can deteriorate the morale of the employees who are present and are not paid accurately as per their attendance at the work place. Thus, there are software systems which are being used to register their attendance accurately in the software.   Thus, you can have accurate time and attendance tracking system to make the right salary.

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Types of software to register the attendance accurately

  • Computer web browser: This is one of the methods of getting the attendance registered through the software to ensure accuracy.
  • Biometric facial recognition time clock: This could be termed as the most accurate attendance system where no manipulation in the records is possible. As the software recognizes a person on behalf of his or her fingerprints or face thus ensuring the accurate attendance system.
  • Mobile Apps: This is another system which is being used to ensure the accuracy of attendance for the employer to calculate the salary of the employees accurately.
  • Touch tone application: This is the technology in which you send your attendance through your mobile phone. You may be asked to press specific keys on the touch pad and the same is registered in your name. Thus, when you press the keys the employer knows that you are present at the workplace.   

Benefits of system for employees

  • Accuracy in pay checks:  When the attendance of the employees is registered through the software then he knows about the attendance and the chance of human error is erased completely. Hence, the pay checks are prepared accurately.
  • Transparency in system: Since the attendance system is automatic and hence there is no possibility of error and can be shared with the employee in case of any doubt.  

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