Are Office Cubicles Healthy For Your Employees?


Office cubicles have carved out a niche in modern workplaces around the world. They derive their popularity on numerous benefits to both workers and employees. If you are an employer looking to redesign your offices, it is paramount that you appreciate the advantages of cubicles. 
Effective and Efficient Communication
Cubicles promote efficient communication and collaboration among employees. They allow employees working on a project to share ideas quickly thanks to the proximity. The closeness ensures the colleagues remain up to date on the progress of the project without necessarily sending emails, holding conferences and seminars, phone calls or walking into various offices.

The smooth flow of information becomes vital in employees assisting one another. Sharing of knowledge becomes efficient resulting in the transfer of skills and expertise among various persons in the workplace. Instead of being isolated, every employee becomes part of a team thereby facilitating a better understanding of job responsibilities.
Enhancing Productivity 
It is undisputed that isolated employees are tempted to spend some time surfing the web and chatting on social media instead of doing work. This results in time wastage and overall reduced productivity. Office cubicles have the potential of eliminating this especially if you have more than one person in one cubicle. Studies have shown that when workers are grouped, they tend to focus on the assignments as compared to when they work in isolation.  
Openness and Privacy
Cubicles offer privacy that most employees desire. In several studies conducted, employees mentioned that lack of privacy is not only intrusive but also stressful. A workplace with no room for colleagues to have private conversations tends to create anxiety and paranoia which adversely affect performance. It is worth mentioning that some employees require some quiet time for rejuvenation and self-motivation.  
Reduces Employees Absenteeism 
Almost 20% of employee absenteeism in organizations with open office results from the spread of contagious microbes from one of them.  In a cubicle, a sneeze with a thousand germs is confined hence does not spread. Moreover, it is easy to identify an absentee in a cubicle than in an open space.

It’s not all cakes and ale; cubicles tend to discourage the feeling of shared responsibility. This is a direct result of partitioning and defining employees in one particular confinement. Collaboration among workers from different projects may be reduced because they have to walk or look for someone in a separate cubicle.

Are office cubicles appropriate for your offices? Perhaps a modification of both would work for you. Currently, most offices have an improved version of both worlds.  Well, the ball is in your court. At Space Plus, we provide cutting-edge office space solutions that enhance workplace functionality. For more information and inquiries contact us.

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