Accomplish the business goals of yours


How you will promote your business? How you are going to improve the performance of your employees? How you will be able to become a successful leader? These are the basic questions which come in mind either you are a CEO of a well known organization or you are planning your startup. In order to be prepared for such situations you can take the help of Velma Trayham, which is a very popular name in marketing and consulting industry. She is working as a marketing consultant and speaker for many years. She has worked with many directors, managers and operating officers as well in order to get their job done successfully.

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Her achievements

Velma Trayham also started her own company “ThinKZILLA PR and consulting group” which provides her services all around the world. She and her group have been very helpful for the women of Atlanta. The women in here are very restricted and not so much aware of the basic needs which require to be fulfilled for accomplishing the goals of any particular organization or industry. She has done many programs and seminars in order to speak and boost the enthusiasm in those women so that they become able to achieve all the targets. Not only by speaking she has also presented many marketing strategies to them so that these women could help themselves for their startup.

When god says go?

Her work has been a boon for the people who do have the will about their startup but they do not have the proper plans or strategies which will be required for the same. She has written a book named “When god says go” which includes all the strategies and the basic solutions which can be used to get the best of your employees. This book helps you in clearing all your doubts, disbeliefs and fears which are commonly faced by the people when they are planning to start their business. More information, as well as the long list of Velma Trayham’s successes and accolades , can be found on

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