6 Important Questions to Ask your Prospective Family Attorney


Most people may find it challenging to hire a family law attorney. It isn’t easy to find a way to measure the efficacy of an attorney. Experts believe that asking the right questions while consulting with a family law attorney can facilitate you get in touch with the most qualified professional.

Here is a list of questions that may help you find the best family attorney:

  1. Do you specialize in family law?

Ask the attorney you wish to hire about the number of years he/she has been doing family law cases. Although it is good for family law attorneys to practice in other areas of the law, the attorney you wish to hire should also focus on family law as their chief practice area.

  1. Who will handle my case? Will you personally handle it?

Are comfortable with your attorney? Is he handling the case well? You must be very comfortable the lawyer handling your case. Also make sure the attorney you consult with is also the one who accompany you to the court. Establishing a cordial relationship with your attorney is very important to make sure your case gets the best possible outcome.

  1. Do you have a set pattern for approaching child custody disputes?

When it comes to divorce cases, child custody is one of the biggest concerns and most emotionally charged aspects for the couple. This is the toughest phase of a divorce proceeding. Hence, you must make sure that the family attorney you hire is skilled and experienced to advocate for you aggressively especially for you and your children’s interests. The attorney should also be good enough to show enough empathy and sensitivity to your kids.

  1. Will you regularly update me about my case? How will you do that?

This is one of the major problems people face with their attorneys. Communication remains the top issue. Attorneys are very busy professionals. They have several cases in hand and reaching them may be very tough for clients. Although it is not good for clients to call and ask questions to their lawyers daily, they should be able to reach them whenever they have something important related to their case. Family law related cases demand establishing a protocol for communications. So make sure your attorney lets you know about the same.

  1. How will the payment for my case work?

When it comes to payment, things should be crystal clear between you and your attorney. Make sure you know what payment is due. Also understand the terms and conditions on how and when the payment needs to be paid. Also enquire about other issues including hourly rates, retainer fee, copying and paperwork fees, charges to speak to clerical staff, and other fees associated with your case.

  1. What’s your assessment of my case? What suggestions do you give?

It is important to listen to what your family law attorney suggests about your case. See how he thinks your case can be a success or what can be done in getting the desired outcome. Assess what’s being said and suggested and then observe what you feel. Are you satisfied with the answer of your attorney? In most cases, it is suggested to trust a renowned and highly qualified family attorney.

A renowned, skilled and experienced family law attorney plays a crucial role in the outcome of your case. Hence, it is important to make sure you hire the best. Asking the above listed questions to your family law attorney will help you make a prudent decision. Good Luck!

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