5 ways to reduce material damage in your warehouse


Warehousing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Every business especially large business prefers to have their own warehouse where they can store their products, equipments, machinery, raw materials and other items. Really having a personal warehouse provides you many benefits including easy access and saves costs over renting warehouse space. With personal warehouse you will be able to store and take care of your items in your patrolling. Although having personal warehouse is advantageous but you may have to face big loss like damaged materials if you ignore any little details at the time of its designing.  You can avoid material damage by considering some things.

Only have certain and necessary manual points – Manual touch points are the biggest cause of material damage. It is seen that many manual access points increase the chance to access the items. This causes that anyone with less knowledge to handle the materials in the storage racks. The person can access the item randomly and distort it by mistake. Reduced access points will help the unauthorized people to touch the item and only the workers who are appointed to handle the items can access them.

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Don’t over load the rack or shelves – Overloading of racks is another biggest cause of damaged materials. When the racks will be tightly stuffed, trying to retrieve a single thing can lead to material fall. Soft materials as well as tough materials can get greatly damaged due to fall.

 Efficient material handling can great in reducing item damage – Materials stored at the height in the racks are required to be handled more efficiently because every single mistake like trying to access things standing on the aligned rack can cause the big damage.  Businesses require having the appropriate lifts for this purpose.

 Give raining to your staff – Operators’ training can help a lot in reducing the item damage as after training they will be able to handle the material in the best way.

 Install safety accessories – Moreover, safety accessories like frame protector, pallet racks, back stopper, raw and guard and more are the great in decreasing material damage in the ware house.

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